Marama Davidson announces candidacy for Green Party Co-leader

Speaking at a grassroots campaign launch event in the heart of Ōtara, South Auckland, Davidson pledged to grow the Green Party with bold and brave leadership and by reaching out to communities who haven’t traditionally supported the Greens.

“I’ve decided to stand for Co-leader of the Green Party because I am the best placed to build a strong, cohesive and diverse movement to bring about transformative social, environmental and economic change,” said Ms Davidson.

“Our Green Party message needs to be taken into our many diverse communities, places where we haven’t had a strong presence before, and in some places where we haven’t been present at all.

“I have the drive, skills and lived experience that are needed to pull together communities and to lead the Green Party into being a genuine voice for modern Aotearoa.

“I am proud to have a role outside the Executive that balances my responsibility to our membership with my position as a member of this coalition Government.

“It is the role of the Greens to continue to be a loud and active voice on behalf of our communities, to push for this to be a fundamentally transformative Government.

“To deliver on all of the Green Party visions and policies that our people and our environment so desperately need, we must return to Parliament in 2020 with much greater numbers and as an even stronger and more significant part of the next Government,” said Ms Davidson.